What to expect in Hong Kong?

What to expect in Hong Kong?

Are you planning on your next vacation? Without a doubt, many destinations pop up in your mind. If you were to visit all the fantastic places in the world, you would have to spend your entire life visiting the locations. Since there are many beautiful places to visit around the world, be it Africa, America, Australia, Asia and New Zealand, it’s the priority to visit the places that count.

Hong Kong is one of those destinations that will make you addicted to traveling. Located in the South China Sea, the city has lived up to its infamous slogan, “The east meets the west.” The skyscrapers are the first thing that makes it identical from other destinations out there.

Knowing what to expect in Hong Kong, only two things are holding you back, how and when. When to visit is simple to plan, but how to travel is the real deal. The majority of the people lead busy lifestyles and only have a small period for holidays, and thus, the means of travel to Hong Kong is by flight. It’s beyond a reasonable doubt that the plane you choose sets the mood of your holiday. While many airlines offer London to Hong Kong flights, Cathay Pacific is exceptional. Their prices are hard to beat, with just GBP 450 you can book the next flight.  This airline assures you a comfy trip to Hong Kong from London. Click the link below to land a good Cathay Pacific flight offer.


The following are some of the superb things to expect while in Hong Kong;

  1. Superb Hotels

Once you arrive in Hong Kong, you’ll find accommodation that rivals your home. Though the city looks so expensive, you will not dig too deep into your pockets to get amazing hotels. Top of the list includes Homy Hotel, Hotel 108, iClub for tech enthusiasts, and InterContinental and Four Seasons Hotels for luxury-seeking individuals.

  1. Fantastic food

The next thing you’ll love is the sumptuous cuisines. The food landscape is so diverse that you can only experience a small portion, yet the fulfillment you get will drive you crazy. Inspired by both East and West, you sure will love the delicacy available in Hong Kong.

I am sure you’ve heard somewhere that Hong Kong is the food lover’s paradise. With over 40,000 restaurants, you’re sure to get a share of Hong Kong’s excellent culinary. The Central and Sheung Wan Foodie Tour, which is roughly four hours, lets you discover Hong Kong’s most wanted dishes. While still on the food topic, ensure you don’t miss Dim Sum while in Hong Kong. Also, Luk Yu Tea House is a must-visit for a taste of China’s famed tea.

  1. Dazzling architectures

Besides the numerous skyscrapers, there are magnificent architectures that you will love inspired by the country’s ancient history. They will give you a year worth of Instagram photos.  Some of these unique structures include Tai Kwun, the THR350, Chi Lin Nunnery Complex, The Jockey Club Innovation Tower, and the Opus Hong Kong, to name a few. St. John’s Cathedral is also a fantastic piece of architecture. Interestingly, it’s the oldest standing western building in Hong Kong (171 years).

  1. Banging nightlife

If you are a party enthusiast and a fun lover, pay attention to this section. Get some taste of rooftop bars such as Ozone, night shopping at the temple street night market and causeway bay, try out the Hong Kong night tour or a night cruise at the Victoria harbor. The view of Victoria harbor is more beautiful at nights under the skyscrapers lighting. Wrap up your night by visiting the famous Dragon I, Gecko, Volar, or PLAY club, all located in central.

  1. Excellent shopping

The fact that Hong Kong Harbor is the busiest in the world tells you something. When you start exploring the city, many malls will put you in a shopping mode. Although the prices are not that low, loaded with your credit card and above-average wallet, you can have a great shopping spree in the numerous malls and street markets. Don’t miss out on the temple street night market to bang inexpensive accessories and items such as electronics and clothes.


A trip to Hong Kong gives you an experience of a lifetime. During your time there, you can traverse the city by walking, taking a bus, or a ferry. While walking around, ensure to pass by Shelley Street and have a taste of the infamous street escalator. The best way to see the city is to take the century-old double-decker trams.

Lastly, given the excellent weather, you can visit the city at any time of the year. See you in Hong Kong, buddy!!