Vacation rentals versus hotels, which is better

Vacation rentals versus hotels, which is better

Vacation rentals are a growing business in most tourist destinations of the world. Hotels used to be the go-to for every traveler but once people discovered the benefits of staying in a vacation rental, that automatically becomes their preferred location. However, paying for a hotel room is good, but it depends on some factors such as how many people the room can fit, how many days you are spending, etc.

If you are looking to get a vacation rental on your next trip, you should consider patronizing Interhome. This should be after you have checked what other people in Finland who have lodged in their holiday houses and apartments have said about them on Suomiarvostelut. Here is a comparison of the benefits of vacation rentals over hotels:


Vacation rentals have plenty of space for everyone, whether you are with your family or simply want to have space to yourself. You will soon enjoy using vacation rentals for family trips, unlike hotels that may not have enough space to house you all in a single place.

Shared cost

If you want to spend a few days with a few people, you can pay for a hotel room. But if you plan to have more guests and stay longer, you need a vacation rental. For instance, you will enjoy using a vacation rental more than a hotel when planning a family reunion or holiday party, and you can easily share the cost with others.


A vacation rental provides you with conveniences a hotel room can’t. For instance, in terms of space, you and those with you will have time and some elbow room to themselves.  You won’t have to trip over one another because you all are in a stuffy, small space. Besides, in most vacation rentals, the rooms are close to each other while in a hotel, it might not be so.

As such, you can easily meet, unlike hotels where you have to plan when and where to meet. Another convenience is that you are free to make your home-cooked meal in a vacation rental, something you can do in a hotel room. Most vacation homes have a fully-equipped kitchen stocked before you arrive, with a state-of-the-art dining room where you can plan and prepare a feast.


Vacation homes offer you enough privacy to do your thing. Whether you want to relax outside or in your backyard or step into the pool with no eyes prying on you, you are free to do whatever you want. You and your partner can enjoy each other’s company in the luxury private bathroom while your kids watch their favorite movies in the living room.

You can do your laundry whenever you feel like and move around as you like without anyone interfering, unlike in a hotel. Besides, most vacation homes have spas, golf courses, tennis courts, etc. that you can make use of. In terms of comfort and cost, vacation homes are proving to be the best you can go for.

However, booking a hotel or vacation home is personal. While one offers more benefits than the others, none is better. For instance, if you would be the only one in a room and you are looking at saving money or meeting new people, getting a hotel room will be better.