Top 5 night market in Bangkok

Top 5 night market in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the best tourist destinations in Asia. There you can do as many activities as shopping, enjoy various culinary varieties, and play at the different Amusement park rides available there.

But here we’ll review the 5-night market you can visit before you go home:

1. Ratchada Night Market

Ratchada’s night market address is behind the esplanade mall, to reach its location, and you can use MRT. This one’s night market is lively all the time. There are many hotel accommodations and street food that you can try there. If you are looking for hotel accommodation close to Ratchada Night Market, you can try Hotel Bangkok Ibis.

2. Srinakarin Train Night Market

This night market was one of the biggest night markets in Bangkok because there were a variety of collections of motorbikes and vintage cars. At the Srinakarin train night market, you can find old items that you can buy. Not only are old items sold here, but you can also enjoy the culinary delicacies at various available food stands.

3. Siam Gypsy Night Market

Would you like to know a unique night market? Just come to Siam gypsy night market. Here you’ll enjoy the night market with the cowboy theme. The location of this night market is under the overpass. You can enjoy the variety of culinary available at a bar or cafe. Here you can also enjoy exciting live music.

4. Chang Chui Night Market

Chang Chui’s night market is a new night market with a unique atmosphere in it. You’ll find an airplane in the middle of the fair makes an icon. It’s just across the river from Chao Phraya.

5. Talad Neon Night Market

Talad Neon Night Market Address in the Pratunam area downtown. Here you can buy various types of souvenirs typical of Thailand.