Tips for a motorbike tour on Lake Orta

Tips for a motorbike tour on Lake Orta

 Among the most beautiful places we boast in Italy, there is certainly Lake Orta. If you are actually wondering when to go on holiday on site and with your two-wheeled car, know that there is not really a privileged period to organize a Sunday motorbike trip around Lake Orta. The important thing is to start with a beautiful day, otherwise fine September, October, but also November. It goes without saying, however, that the amazing Orta lake in Italy can be experienced in a special way during spring and summer.

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 These are the perfect seasons if you want to take advantage of the beaches to sunbathe or take a refreshing swim, but the villages and towns around there are still very suggestive. In addition, the road does not provide for any winter closure. The eastern part of the lake is characterized by a low road that runs alongside the lake while on the western side it begins to rise until it reaches a spur of rock that does not allow to continue on the shore, but leads inwards, into a pleasant valley . The path then comes out again on the lake towards Omegna. 

The itinerary, which is about 40 kilometers long, can be done in about 3 hours, keeping in mind the speed limits at 70 km / h without considering any longer or shorter stops, perhaps for an aperitif in one of the many bars in Orta San Giusto . 


 There are many roads that can be traveled by motorbike, for a sensational holiday from north to south and from east to west. On the western part of the lake, it is possible to follow paths that lead to Mount Mattarone, passing through Legro. A stop here is a must considering that it is the mountain that divides Lake Orta from Lake Maggiore. Since you find yourself, try never to lose sight of the view over Lake Orta. The road becomes steeper and more demanding and, after the hamlet of Cheggino but it is worth reaching the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Luciago at 900 m.


The hairpin bends and the particular paths mean that this lake is very popular with motorcyclists and for the beauty of the landscapes, through woods and pastures. In fact, not only the road is made of curves and counter-curves, but also of climbs and switchbacks that lead to about 1491 meters high to enjoy a magnificent view of Monte Rosa, the Alps from Switzerland to Liguria, lakes and the whole plain Po.