The Arabian Night at Desert Safari Dubai

The Arabian Night at Desert Safari Dubai

The temperature of the desert is usually cool at night and you can actually feel the cool breeze. This is the reason why spending a night in a desert is a perfect idea. But what if you get a chance to be a part of amazing camp activities at a desert? It sounds cool, right? To fulfill your wish Desert Safari Dubai has an amazing night package. It is so unique and mesmerizing.

What is this night package at Desert Safari Dubai?

Desert Safari Dubai offers an overnight safari. It is full of entertainment. The camping and camp activities make it more awesome.

Do you love camping?

Camping at a desert is actually an amazing idea because the experience at a desert is so different. Desert Safari Dubaihas the best facilities and they try their best to make your camping a memorable one. If you love camping and haven’t tried yet then visit Desert Safari Dubai.

How is camping at Desert Safari Dubai so unique?

The flavor of the Arabian night is what makes camping at Desert Safari Dubai so unique. The Arabic costumes and traditions practiced at overnight safari are so beautiful and eye-catching. You won’t be able to stop yourself from being a part of them.

The camp activities at Desert Safari Dubai:

Tanoura show is the most famous show. It shows the colors of the traditions at Desert Safari Dubai. It is a type of folk dance. The performers wear a tanoura costume and their performance is so soothing.

The next is the fire show. The fire show enhances the feel of a night at Desert Safari Dubai. It involves the manipulation of fire. Different objects like rings are used. The performers are all experienced and they know how to play with fire.

Colors of Henna

Girls love henna painting. To surprise them overnight safari includes henna art as well. Make beautiful henna designs on your hands and capture them.

The delicious buffet

Arabian food is so delicious. The package includes buffet and barbeque with unlimited soft drinks and tea. Qahwa is also available.

The belly dancing

The belly dancers are trained performers and they practice it daily. It is so mesmerizing to watch them dance. They dance so gracefully and beautifully. The costumes for belly dancing are so beautiful as well.

Arabic costumes

Wear Arabic costumes and click your pictures in them. Get the feel of Arabian Traditions.

How to book this amazing night package?

Desert Safari Dubai offers overnight safari. If you are more fond of camping and want to be a part of camp activities then book an overnight safari.

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Peaceful Night at a desert

Gazing stars, watching the moon is everyone’s favorite. After people leave the camps you can sit in the desert under the sky for as much time as you want. It is so peaceful.

Fall in love with overnight safari and make it an unforgettable trip of your life at Desert Safari Dubai.