Special Nature Reserve of the Torre di Buccione

Special Nature Reserve of the Torre di Buccione

You should consider the idea of ​​allowing yourself a nice vacation when time permits. It could be a valid alternative to go to Orta San Giulio, the best journey for anyone who needs a change of scenery. A small village located on the shores of Lake Orta, it really has a lot to offer.

Lake Orta: the most romantic Italian lake

And among the places to visit is the Torre di Buccione The Special Nature Reserve of the Torre di Buccione consists of an area of ​​about 30 hectares and extends into a hill overlooking Lake Orta. On the top of the hill there are the remains of a castle dating back to 1200 and a tower still standing today. The territory of the reserve belongs both to the municipality of Gozzano and to Orta San Giulio. 


The Torre di Buccione Nature Reserve is located at a height between 300 and 458 meters above sea level. The hill is covered with chestnut woods and you can still see the cracks left due to the extraction of the porphyry.

From the Tower you can admire a panorama that sweeps from Lake Orta and the Island of San Giulio to Monte Rosa and the green of the woods found in the area. What the breathtaking landscape of the Buccione tower offers you you will never find anywhere else nearby. 


The Torre di Buccione, datable to the early 13th century, is 23 meters high and was built with blocks of granite and serizzo. It had several functions: it was the main defense bulwark of the fortified complex to which it was part and was used as a warehouse, for reporting and as a defense cell. 

The name of Maria Canavesa, “the heroine of Cusio”, is usually connected to the Torre di Buccione: in the 1500s she acquired a lot of fame for a heroic deed that cost her and her children death, but which gave the inhabitants the opportunity of the lands of the Riviera to get rid of an invader.