Review Tips to Travel to Vietnam and Cambodia.

Review Tips to Travel to Vietnam and Cambodia.

Vacationing is a necessity for all humans, including adults. Taking tourist destinations not only domestically, but lately many tourists are also taking tourist destinations abroad. Some in the Asian continent, some in the European continent.

On this occasion, we will discuss how to travel to Vietnam and Cambodia. As we know that Vietnam and Cambodia are neighboring countries, as a word of oars, two or three islands are surpassed. Before going on vacation it’s a good idea to know what are the tips – tips so as not to be persuaded by prices raised by residents or you can go directly to tourist destinations that fit your budget so you don’t waste time.

Looking for a recommended hotel

Hotels are the most important place for travelers. Don’t look for hotels by looking at prices, look for cheap and comfortable hotels. If you are already in Vietnam, you can make the following tips as a guide.

If you are in Vietnam, please look for buying and selling sites online, choose a hotel on Bana Hills, because in that place there is a tourist center.

The hotel which is nearby is very strategic, you can look for food in the very famous Danang Hotel. Besides being easy to find food, you can also visit tourist attractions directly.

Bring enough Vietnamese and Cambodian currency

Dong-Vietnam Tips for traveling to Vietnam and Cambodia next is to bring enough Vietnamese and Cambodian currencies. For you, travelers, don’t even think about exchanging rupiah at a foreign money changer. The rupiah currency has a low selling exchange rate if we exchange it abroad.

Vietnam’s currency is Vietnam’s dong, while Cambodia’s currency is Cambodia’s real. You can exchange enough money while still in our country. If you are a credit card user, you can use the card abroad without the hassle of exchanging it. It would be better if you brought $ currency that can be accepted in any country.


As we know, lately there is a widespread of online transportation Likewise in Vietnam and Cambodia, to get online transportation like that is very easy. Therefore you need the internet so that you can explore these tourist attractions easily and inexpensively.

If you have trouble finding transportation online, you can use a taxi. The recommended taxis for use are Vinasun or Mai Linh because taxis with other brands are more expensive than the taxis. Please choose which one do you think fits, want to choose online transportation or choose local transportation while enjoying the culture of the local country.

By land route from Ho Ci Ming to Phnom Penh

The cheapest route to move from Vietnam to Cambodia is to take the bus. It is also not complicated because we don’t need a visa. If you want to buy the bus ticket, you can buy it online.

Recommendations for buying bus tickets online in addition to avoiding price spikes for tourists, you also do not need to bother translating the language used by residents, because most residents do not speak English.

Recommendation for you if you want to take a bus, choose a bus with an agent named giant bus, it is more expensive than other buses, but the service is very far. But for those of you backpackers who have absolutely no problem in terms of service, you can buy a bus ticket with the name Sapaco Tourist and Kumho Samco, but unfortunately, this bus is not equipped with wifi and toilets. The bus ticket price is around ten US dollars for one person.

A few tips Travel to Vietnam and Cambodia from us, hopefully, useful for those of you who want to vacation in Vietnam and Cambodia, guys, happy holiday for all.