It Turns Out that a Vacation in Thailand is Cheap!

It Turns Out that a Vacation in Thailand is Cheap!

What comes to mind when thinking of foreign travel is an expensive budget. In fact, not all countries will drain your pocket, you know. In ASIA, there are still many cheap overseas holiday destinations that are not less beautiful. For example, Thailand!

If you want it easier to get around in Thailand, especially in the city of Bangkok. You have to look for the best Hotel in Bangkok City Center. Making it easier for you to access visiting tourist attractions or culinary in Bangkok, Thailand.

Come on, see what are the reasons for a vacation to Thailand is cheap.

Visa Free

Thailand applies Visa-free from 52 countries for short visits, such as traveling. The maximum limit is 30 days if entered from the international airport. Wow, so you don’t need to bother taking care of this and that, you can travel for a month. Exciting, right?

Low Exchange Rates

In addition to the cost of transportation, an allowance is also a consideration when traveling abroad. But I don’t think you need to worry about this one when in Thailand. The rate of White Elephant Affairs or Thailand is fairly low. Cheap, right?

Cool Hotel and Doesn’t Make You Cool

As one of the countries flooded with tourists every year, Thailand also offers attractive accommodations. One of them is a nice inn with good food, but the price is not suffocating. Just imagine, a comfortable room in the Baiyoke Suite Hotel with a panoramic view of the city that spoiled your eyes, you only need to reach into your pocket for around 30 US dollars. Fancy but cheap, right?

Charming Tourism

Thailand is famous for its exotic beaches. The beauty of this country’s marine tourism attracts Hollywood filmmakers. In addition, there is also the Royal Grand Palace which stands majestically. One of Thailand’s beautiful cultural heritages is a pity to miss. Want to spoil your eyes or thirst for historical stories, all in the Thousand Pagoda Country. Public transportation here is also fairly cheap. Try a tuk-tuk, a traditional vehicle to get around the city for 1 US dollar. If you get a bad driver, don’t hesitate to bid, yes.

Delicious Food

Culinary is also one of the riches of Thailand. This country has a range of special foods with unique tastes. For example, like Mango Sticky Rice, which is rice with freshly sliced ​​mango. There is also Phad Tai, a famous snack whose stalls are always crowded. Just come to Sukhumvit Soi 38, Yaowarat (China Town), and Saphan Taksin, a street vendor location that is already famous for being tasty and inexpensive.

Well, you already know why a vacation to Thailand can’t be called expensive? Just a little saving, you can fulfill your dream to travel to Thailand. How, interested in trying?