Five Reasons Why Bangkok Should Be Your Vacation Travel Destination

Five Reasons Why Bangkok Should Be Your Vacation Travel Destination

Bangkok is now a famous city visited by foreign tourists from various countries. The large selection of tourist destinations and affordable living costs are the two reasons for tourists to spend a holiday in Bangkok. For those of you who are still confused about determining your vacation destination, here are five reasons why you should make Bangkok your holiday destination.

1 ) Low Cost of Living

For those of you who want to vacation with family but have limited vacation funds, Bangkok can be included in the list of places you should visit. The living cost in Bangkok is not much different from other countries in Southeast Asia. In this city, you can find a variety of Family Hotel Bangkok at affordable prices that you and your family can choose.

2 ) Culinary

The range of local specialties from Thailand will surely steal your heart and stomach. Starting from Tom Yum, Pad Thai to Mango Sticky Rice will make you addicted. Also, street foods with low prices are interesting to taste. Delicious flavors coupled with affordable prices, surely make your vacation even more enjoyable.

3 ) Cultural Uniqueness

Thailand has many unique and different cultures from other countries in Southeast Asia. Thailand’s cultural integrity is suitable for tourists who are traveling for the first time abroad. Also, Thai people are known for their friendliness. 

4 ) Various Tourist Attractions

Bangkok offers many choices of tourist attractions. For you who like beach tourism, you can visit Phuket, Krabi, Koh Samui, or the Similan Islands.

The city of Bangkok will captivate you with classical cultural tourism in the middle of the city. There are also many historical temples with incredible architecture that you should not miss.

For you who love souvenirs, you can also do shopping tours in various malls spread across Bangkok at affordable prices. And if you like mountain tourism, Chiang Mai in northern Thailand is also worth a visit.

5) Nightlife in Bangkok

It is undeniable that nightlife is also a reason why Bangkok is a must-visit destination. Nightspots in the city and parties held on the beach are part of the nightlife in Bangkok. Enjoying the sunset amid the glittering city from the rooftop bar becomes an exciting experience you can never forget.