Explore 3 Exciting Destinations in Thailand

Explore 3 Exciting Destinations in Thailand

Do you feel confused to choose exciting tourist attractions in Thailand? Don’t worry, we will guide you to the best attractions of this pagoda country. If you are planning a vacation with family in Thailand, you don’t have to worry to choose the destination, there are many tourist attractions in Bangkok, Thailand, which promised to give you a new experience. If you want to find hotel accommodations while on vacation in Thailand, you can stay at ibis BangkokFor more information about this hotel, please visit the website at https://ibisstylesbangkokratchada.com/.

As we know, millions of foreign tourists increase every year and crowded in popular cities in Thailand. Indeed, this country now is Develop because of high exchange tourist inflow (the fact shows that Thailand now become superior in Southeast Asia). For new travelers, you don’t need to worry about getting information, you will find various information about travel. Here, we will give you some recommendations for tourist destinations in Thailand.

Floated-shopping at Pattaya Floating Market

The floating market in Thailand is divided into four regions ranging from northern, northeast, central and southern Thailand. These four regions sell a variety of tourist goods, one of the market is called the Pattaya Floating Market. This market is a 100,000 square meter floating market consists about 114 shops including fruit stalls, restaurants, souvenir shops and art galleries by local craftsmen.

In addition to finding a variety of interesting items, you can walk along the riverbank to admire the architecture of wooden houses or stop by several dining venues that serve authentic Thai food. You can eat delicious stir-fried pad thai noodles, kanom jean vermicelli or taste sweet savory-flavored snacks such as Ka nom rok the coconut pancakes, foi thong and thong yip (yolk dish). Satisfied yourself in eating Thai cuisine inside Pattaya.

Get around the city with Mini Siam Pattaya

This tourist attraction is also popular, you will not only able to get around the city but also explore the world in 80 minutes. You don’t believe it, don’t you? Mini Siam Pattaya is home to hundreds of replicas of famous sites from around the world such as the Statue of Liberty or even Temple of the Emerald Buddha displayed on a scale of 1:25. Mini Siam was built in 1985 with an area of ​​46,400 square meters as part of a research project. This place is divided into two areas; Mini Siam and Mini Europe.

Admire the iconic and pretentious building at The Sanctuary of Truth, Thailand

The next tourist spot you can visit is The Sanctuary of Truth. This place is a real place, not a miniature. This beautiful temple amazes you from its unique architecture. The entire building is carved out of teak wood, and the hall has a carving section as high as 105 meters. Fun fact, this holy place gets a special award for combining elements of philosophy, art, culture, and religion.

According to stories from the local, Sanctuary of Truth was born from the vision of human civilization to teach religious truth, in other words, this building exists to create beauty and kindness. The complexity of its carvings and sculptures illustrate respect for the seven creators (Heaven, Earth, Father, Mother, Moon, Sun and Stars).