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It Turns Out that a Vacation in Thailand is Cheap!

What comes to mind when thinking of foreign travel is an expensive budget. In fact, not all countries will drain your pocket, you know. In ASIA, there are still many cheap overseas holiday destinations that are not less beautiful. For example, Thailand!

If you want it easier to get around in Thailand, especially in the city of Bangkok. You have to look for the best Hotel in Bangkok City Center. Making it easier for you to access visiting tourist attractions or culinary in Bangkok, Thailand.

Come on, see what are the reasons for a vacation to Thailand is cheap.

Visa Free

Thailand applies Visa-free from 52 countries for short visits, such as traveling. The maximum limit is 30 days if entered from the international airport. Wow, so you don’t need to bother taking care of this and that, you can travel for a month. Exciting, right?

Low Exchange Rates

4 Benefits of Renting a Meeting Room in a Hotel

Not every office or company has adequate meeting rooms because they are only used for routine weekly meetings or emergency meetings. There are still many offices that do not yet have a meeting room, so if you want to hold a meeting or an important event, renting a meeting room at Novotel Vintage Park is the solution taken to hold the event.

To answer this need, there are currently many services that provide rental meeting rooms of various sizes and facilities. Usually, the meeting room is offered in the form of meeting packages in which the fees paid include room costs, facilities, and consumption for meeting participants. Renting a meeting room provides many benefits for business or office owners. Some of these benefits are realized directly while other benefits are sometimes not realized. For those of you who are still in doubt or want to rent a meeting room for …

The Best 4 Star Hotels in Phuket Thailand

Do you remember the film starring Tamara Bleszynski, one of the famous artists in Indonesia? titled Bride Waterfall? The film was shot in Phuket, Thailand. Phuket is one of the regions in Thailand. Various tourist attractions ranging from beaches, places to eat, to viewpoints you can find there. Curious and want to visit there right? For the problem of a place to rest, you do not need to worry because there are many hotels that stand majestically starting from my favorite 4 Star Hotel Kamala Beach to Palmyra Patong Resort.

The following are some of the names of the best 4-star hotels and at fairly cheap prices in the Phuket Thailand region:

1. Swissotel Suites Phuket Kamala Beach

Location: 100/10 Moo 3, Kamala Beach, 83150 Kathu Phuket

Thailand is located a few kilometers from the Andaman Sea Each contemporary suite is just a few steps away from the lagoon pool …

Vacation in Bangkok Without a Tour Guide, Exciting!

Thailand has now become one of the countries that have attracted tourists from all over the world. Besides being close, the costs incurred for a vacation to the White Elephant Land are also not too expensive. Especially if you are good at planning trips, you can save a lot of costs, especially by booking a Hotel at Novotel. When you are in Thailand, Novotel Phuket can be a great choice as a place to stay, in addition to friendly prices, booking a Novotel Phuket Hotel is also very easy and equipped with adequate facilities. Immediately, we refer to the following review.

Explore Pattaya on Day One

The first day of a vacation to Bangkok begins with exploring Pattaya. From the airport, the journey begins by taking a bus to the Mo Chit terminal. From here continue to Pattaya terminal, which takes 2 hours. The charm of Pattaya is no …