Attractions You Must Visit in Vietnam

Attractions You Must Visit in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the holiday destinations in Southeast Asia that will offer millions of endless excitement. Because the Vietnamese government intervened in the process of tourism revitalization, it’s no wonder that Vietnam is now becoming more exotic. The infrastructure has grown so extraordinary that the country’s economy is experiencing rapid growth.

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If you are curious about tourist attractions in Vietnam that can be visited, here are the references.

Sa Pa Terraces

Sa Pa itself is known as one of the cities located in Vietnam and is quite close to the Chinese border. One thing nature lovers cannot miss, namely the green and beautiful rice fields in Sa Pa. Muong Hoa valley location also has a stretch of rice terraces whose color is truly dominant green and extraordinarily charming. In addition to the charming terracing, visitors will also be treated to a dense bamboo forest in the background where the location is between Mount Fansipan and the city of Sa Pa. The thrill of being in this place is because there is a trekking tour that will spoil every visitor through the steep slopes and interesting valleys. In addition to exciting trekking activities, every visitor will also have the opportunity to learn new cultures in this area, namely the culture of an ethnic group called the Hmong. This beautiful area is where the group lives. So, it is not only fun but will also add cultural insight indirectly.

Nha Trang

Having the chance to go to Vietnam means trying to come to Nha Trang which is a resort city with a lot of beauty that will melt our hearts. Lush islands and beautiful beaches are two advantages of Nha Trang that tourists should not miss, especially overseas visitors. As one of the most well-known tourism sites, Nha Trang has many exciting activities for visitors to do. Fans of snorkeling, catamaran rides, sailing, kiteboarding and scuba diving just don’t hesitate to enjoy an unforgettable vacation in Nha Trang. Even more exciting, visitors will also find a variety of attractive entertainment and adrenaline, such as a roller coaster that is also accompanied by a wave pool. Not only does Nha Trang have water activities and challenging games that are very enjoyable to do, but culinary tourism is also definitely fun especially in a classy restaurant. Cafes located on the side of the road also exist and can be freely tasted.

Halong Bay

Halong Bay is one of the best spots and must be explored when going to Vietnam. For those who love nature, this bay is the right place to enjoy all the caves, beautiful rock formations and charming limestone islands. Beautiful panoramas can certainly be another reason to come and linger at this location because it is the forging of the wind and water that is able to make this tour so extraordinary. For the sake of exploring the island satisfactorily, please rent a traditional boat or kayak; however, there are also tours that you can take if you don’t want to explore this place alone.