6 Plans for Fun and Economical Holidays in Thailand

6 Plans for Fun and Economical Holidays in Thailand

Thailand is a country that has recently become a favorite country to visit when needing to escape on weekends. Besides the budget is not too expensive, Thailand tourism is also a champion. One of them is the city of Phuket which has a complete package travel destination. When else can you try swimming in a sea where the water is super clear until the fish appears around us? Also, If you have an excess budget, you might try to choose to stay at Novotel Patong which has world-class facilities and will certainly make your vacation very memorable.

So, let’s make a trip to Phuket, Thailand, on a well-planned weekend and save a wallet. See the following six fun and economical vacation plans in Thailand.

  • Find flights that are flexible

It is common knowledge if you want to travel with cheap ticket prices, which are looking for in advance. If possible, around 6-12 months before departure. You can also take advantage of a variety of promos on each airline. Usually, every airline gives attractive promos. Because you are planning to Phuket, Thailand, on weekends, you can try to leave Friday night or early Saturday morning.

  • Stay at a hotel that is narrow, but still artsy

The next thing to think about is where to stay. Even though you are in Thailand just on weekends. Of course, you want to maximize your vacation moment for a while there while taking pictures. therefore, you can choose to stay in a hotel that is narrow, but artsy at bargain prices. For example, in the Phuket Town area where transportation is easy, making it easier for you to go anywhere, the price is also cheap. Or for you who want to directly enjoy the beach area at the inn, the Patong Beach area can be an alternative. Although Patong Beach is the busiest area in Phuket, the facilities there are the most complete, the choice of lodging is also varied.

  • Hunting for culinary folk in Banzaan Market

Well, one of the culinary centers that you can enjoy is at Banzaan Market. Especially at night, you can choose the dinner menu from seafood that is still raw itself, then ask to be cooked by the seller at Banzaan Market. Not just food, but Banzaan Market also “sells” a cool atmosphere. Its location close to the city center makes Banzaan Market one of the busiest culinary attractions in Phuket.

  • Visit Wat Chalong to see the historic religious buildings

Already in Thailand, surely it would be a pity if you did not stop by the temple. One of them is Wat Chalong which is one of the oldest and main temples in Phuket. Here you can see the temple building with a distinctive style, namely unique carvings, and golden colors. Here you can also hear your traditional Thai music. Anyway, if you want to see historic buildings that spoil your eyes, here is the place. Moreover, Wat Chalong is also not far from the airport. From there you can go to Big Buddha and Pagoda so you can save time.

  • Play around to Karon Beach

Phuket has many beautiful and beautiful beaches that are a shame if you miss them. The wilds there are still very awake, so it makes you want to go back to the area. While in Karon Beach, for example, you are free to do anything, like swimming or just enjoy the atmosphere of Karon Beach all day while waiting for the sunset. It will be exciting while enjoying a budget-efficient weekend.

  • Take a tour to enjoy the colorful old buildings in Old Phuket Town

For you who want to enjoy the atmosphere of the old town in Phuket, you can stop by the Old Phuket Town. The location is about 30 minutes from Patong Beach. There are colorful old buildings, so prepare your cool outfit of the day and a cellphone camera, so you just have to upload it to Instagram. If you go there at night, the atmosphere is even more serene and vintage because there are additional lights that make the Old Phuket Town area even more beautiful.

Phuket is perfect for your weekend destination for a moment to get away from the stress of work. The tourist destination is really a champion. That’s just a few lo, there are still many other destinations that are not less cool. One of them is Phang Nga Bay, which you won’t be able to complete one day.