5 Reasons To Have Your Wedding At A Hotel

5 Reasons To Have Your Wedding At A Hotel

A Wedding is one of the most sacred events in everyone’s life. The most important part of a marriage is determining where the event will take place. Choosing a place is one of the most important elements of a wedding. Some even think that choosing a wedding venue is the same as when you both decide to get married. No wonder so many people who want to hold a luxurious and unforgettable wedding. Not only remembered for a lifetime but also a sign of appreciation from you and your family to the guests who came.

Many people choose to have a party at the hotel since the hotel is considered more accessible for guests. One of the hotels you can try is the Wedding Hotel Saigon.

Besides that, here are some reasons you should have your wedding at the hotel.


There is nothing more important than the location of the wedding venue. The more easily reached from various directions, the more guests will appreciate your invitation. Maybe for some people, the place that is easily reached will be the main reason for the invitation to come to the wedding. Don’t let the location you choose closes the main road in your area, this can stop them to do their daily activities.

It’s easier to stay

At a wedding, you will invite a family whose home location is far from you. Your family can spread in different cities, different provinces and even countries. Your family and your spouse’s family will find it easier if the location of the wedding and the place to stay is in one location. And for those of you who held weddings, you can immediately stay at the hotel after the event to get some rest.

Free to choose Vendor for Food.

If you choose a vendor for food catering from the hotel management, there are still several vendors that you need to decide on. Such as decoration or video vendors and documentation. Usually, hotel management has a partner who provides vendors you need for your wedding. However, if you don’t want to use the partner vendor, that’s fine too.


The first thing that comes to mind when getting married at a hotel is, of course, the luxurious impression that you get. If you plan to invite VIP guests or business partners at your party, of course getting married at the hotel will raise your pride.

Prices of Wedding Packages in Hotels are Competitive

Wedding parties in hotels are not always synonymous with big costs. For your information, now hotels are competing to attract guests to hold a wedding at their hotel. This is an effort to cover operational costs throughout the non-peak season (the period in which hotel guests have the most, for example, vacation time). You can have an intimate party with an invitation number of 100-250 people or even up to 800 people.