2 Benefits of Google Adwords that You Need to Know

2 Benefits of Google Adwords that You Need to Know

Many people think that the Google Ad Platform is very much related to Google ads! This opinion is not wrong. However, did you know there are 2 uses of Google Adwords below, the benefits of additional Google Ads apart from advertising alone?

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In this article, we will discuss, How Google Ads can help your business.

Benefits of Google Adwords as a market research tool

As an advertising platform, Google should provide complete data to support advertisers in making decisions. Here are some features that we can use to get these data.

  • Google Keyword Planner

This tool helps you to find keywords related to your market. Usually, these tools are used by practitioners of SEO and commercial SEO services to find keywords to be optimized for Google’s first-page entry organically. This tool also helps find keywords that you might not have thought of before that might be used by your competitors.

  • Helps the SEO team find relevant keywords automatically

Dead end on choosing relevant keywords to optimize on your site? Google Ads can do it for you. Just use a feature called “Dynamics Search Ads”, then you don’t need to target keywords on your ad, and Google will do it. You can see what is relevant even at the hours your target market interacts with.

  • Online behavioral research

Usually when your ad runs, in the Dimension column, there are many insights that you can see there, such as how many ads appear, which means determining the ‘active hours’ of your market. If you know this, you can determine when you need to post an article or the right hour to hold a webinar. You can also see the city where the ad is searched. This can provide insight into promotions for specific cities. Come on, start opening the Dimension column and see more insights for your non-Adwords promotions or campaigns.

  • Competitor Research through Auction Insight

Want to see how aggressive your competitors are. Start opening Auction Insight. There you can learn whether they have better impressions, what percentage is in the top 3 and so on.

Benefits of Google Adwords as a site trial

One phase of optimization activities is to test site performance. Through this ‘buying’ visitor, you can test your site’s performance in a matter of days, is it fast loading? Which device is the most used by visitors? favorite page? all this data you get fast.

Tips: Pay attention to the data in your Google Analytics, because not all clicks generate traffic. If this happens, your site may be in trouble or you are targeting the wrong visitors

You can also create several page variants to hold a test page (split test). With targeted visitors from Google Ads, you will quickly determine which design variants provide the best performance.

Webmasters who want to test site design will usually put a short-term budget of 2-5 days. With this budget, webmasters will usually test visitor behavior in several design variants, what is the bounce rate, session duration, and so on.

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