Who’s Responsible for Items Stolen From Your Bag?

Who’s Responsible for Items Stolen From Your Bag?

The problem of baggage theft is indeed nothing new in the world of aviation. Along with the disclosure of many cases of baggage theft at the airport, security at the airport and service to passengers was further enhanced.

However, you should be aware of the possibility of baggage theft at the airport. Let’s look at five tips to avoid baggage theft at the following airports.

At airports, many people lose their luggage, and the majority are small items, such as watches or cameras. In fact, even at the security checkpoint it can happen. The money in your jacket pocket can be lost when you are checking.

Then, what should tourists do? Storing valuables in the safest places, such as backpacks, is an important thing to do. Here are four suggestions for keeping your luggage safe while passing security checkpoints.

1. Make a Default Item Check List

Because of the excitement of the holiday, sometimes there are people who are crazy about carrying luggage. In fact, we can be sure that not all of the items carried are needed when traveling. When arranging luggage in a suitcase, it’s a good idea to make a check list of items that need to be carried. Prioritize what important items must be carried when traveling.

This can prevent you from carrying too many unnecessary items during the holidays. Keeping track of luggage will also make it easier for you to remember if there is any luggage lost while in the trunk.

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2. Don’t put cash in the box

If you want to remove the money clamp when passing a metal detector check, remove the money clamp and place it in the box, while the money you keep in the bag. Don’t bring a lot of cash at the airport or when traveling.

3. Don’t pass the metal detector check before your bag

Don’t leave your bag behind. If something happens to your bag, for example, if you do not pass a metal detector check or get caught in a bag rail, you cannot easily go back to back, all you can do is wait.

4. Watch your bag

It is possible that you have to pass the metal detector check more than once. It’s also possible that you were randomly selected for physical examination. In that case, keep calm and follow what the clerk asks for, but your bag should not be out of sight. If you are taken to another place or room, force it to be able to carry your bag too.

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5. Know what you are doing

Remember how many boxes you used to skip the scan and what items you put in the box. Thieves sometimes act if you forget to pick up items that have been placed, such as a laptop or cellphone. When you realize that there is an item left behind, your item is gone.