Tracing the beauty of Myanmar

Tracing the beauty of Myanmar

Myanmar or formerly known as Burma is a tourist destination that is still genuine, extraordinary, and affordable. The country, nicknamed “The Golden Land”, is fortunate to have thousands of gold-plated pagodas scattered all over the country. Myanmar is currently similar to Thailand’s situation 25 years ago. Burma is now working in terms of tourism. Based on the Ministry of Tourism and Hotel Myanmar data, 816,369 tourists come to this country. In 2015, Myanmar projected a target of 5 million tourists to visit.

With the hallmarks of tourist attractions such as the Golden Pagoda, Burma must be included in your itinerary this year. Here are 5 reasons to visit Myanmar this year


If you are looking for an affordable overseas adventure, then you should visit Myanmar. You can live comfortably with only 15 US dollars per day during your stay in the city. Traditional meals are offered from 80 cents to $4. For a 20-minute taxi ride, you are charged only about 2 US dollars if you are good at negotiating.

As for hotels, in Myanmar, There are a variety of hotels, from 1 star to 5-star Hotels at a varied price. Hotel Myanmar is offered to start from 50-$250. Burmese residents

Burmese people welcome friendly tourists. The Burmese people are ready to drive you around their country. For Burmese residents, English language skills are important for them. Then do not be surprised if you are approached and called “Hello, what’s your name?” Bagan Temple

Bagan is an ancient city in Myanmar that offers more than 3,000 temples that will take you back to the 11th century. With a gold-plated tower scattered over the sky, the scenery is like being in a dream. The chart can be said like a village rather than a city. The temples spread more than many tourists there.

Shwedagon Pagoda

With a height of about 360 feet, Shwedagon Pagoda is the largest and holiest pagoda in Myanmar. All the details of the building structure are about 2,500 years old, covered by the gold coating. The crown above the pagoda consists of 5,000 diamonds and more than 2,000 rubies, sapphires, and other glorious stone.


Food in Myanmar is very, delicious, and cheap. The dishes are used here are from China, Thailand, and India. The dish that generally served was a mohinga.

This food is made of noodles mixed from rice flour presented with the ultimate fish cult. Mi Shan, traditional noodles – moustache with chicken sauce chicken. Onnokaussom, Mi – boiled imposes. Culinary at Myanmar was dominated Curry and spicy soup.