Vacation in Bangkok Without a Tour Guide, Exciting!

Thailand has now become one of the countries that have attracted tourists from all over the world. Besides being close, the costs incurred for a vacation to the White Elephant Land are also not too expensive. Especially if you are good at planning trips, you can save a lot of costs, especially by booking a Hotel at Novotel. When you are in Thailand, Novotel Phuket can be a great choice as a place to stay, in addition to friendly prices, booking a Novotel Phuket Hotel is also very easy and equipped with adequate facilities. Immediately, we refer to the following review.

Explore Pattaya on Day One

The first day of a vacation to Bangkok begins with exploring Pattaya. From the airport, the journey begins by taking a bus to the Mo Chit terminal. From here continue to Pattaya terminal, which takes 2 hours. The charm of Pattaya is no …

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