Beautiful beaches on Phi Phi & Khai Island (Phuket Trip, 1st Day)

Beautiful beaches on Phi Phi & Khai Island (Phuket Trip, 1st Day)

Thailand is famous for the beauty of its pristine white sandy beaches and clear blue sea water, luring millions of foreign tourists to spend their holidays in this country. The tourism sector has one of the main backbones of the White Elephant country, in addition to the agricultural sector. Taking a weekend in early July I take a vacation to Phuket Island, an exotic island located in southern Thailand, about 862 km from the city of Bangkok. Phuket is the largest island owned by Thailand and is located in the Andaman Sea. This island has a variety of beaches that are famous for tourists, one of which is Patong Beach. Famous for foreign tourists Patong has a long, sloping coastline. There are also various star hotels, ranging from 2 star hotel to 4 star hotel bangkok, and there is also a nightlife center. The Patong area is very similar to Kuta Beach in Bali.

From Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) I took the best low-cost airline in the world 2009-2010, namely Air Asia, to Phuket International Airport. Departing from Bangkok around 9:20, I landed in Phuket at 10:30. Luckily, I have an acquaintance in Phuket, namely Khun Lusy, an Indonesian who works at the Patong Tower. All the holidays in Phuket are well organized (Kho krab, Khun Lusy!). While in Phuket I lived in the Patong Beach area, this area felt like a tourist center, thousands of tourists back and forth. After arriving at the inn, I immediately went to sleep to prepare myself so that the first-day tour in Phuket could be received with a fit body.

Early in the morning around 8, I get ready to come to the tour organizer. On the first day in Phuket, I started a one-day package tour on Phi Phi Island and Khai Island. From the harbor we took a speed boat, leaving Phuket for a row of small islands across with about 20 foreign tourists. Our first stop was in the Gulf of Maya, a beautiful little beach that is very famous for being the place to film the beach, starring Leonardo di Caprio, about 10 years ago. This beach is very beautiful for me, clean white sand and very soft, as well as the amazing coral scenery around it. No wonder this place was chosen by Hollywood film producers.

After enjoying the Maya Bay, our tour welcomed us to Pileh Lagoon. A lake that is connected to the sea, the view again is very extraordinary in my opinion. Blue sea water with a gradation of green, looks very clear and combined with steep coral hills that were formed millions of years ago.

The next activity is snorkeling at Loh Samah Bay. With very clear water, the seabed can be seen from the surface. But because I do not look swim, so I do not enjoy this one attraction. The last place I visited on this tour was Khai Nok Island, this is a very small island, and doesn’t yet have restaurant facilities. The beach here is very unique, and may not be owned by other beaches, namely fish that are very tame with humans. We can eat with small fish there, even if we provide food (bread or fruit) then the fish will surround the food provider.